Best Places in Toronto to Feed Your Caffeine Addiction

For those who know me, you understand the role that coffee plays in my daily life. For those of you who don’t understand my love of coffee, let me explain it this way. Lorelai Gilmore had nothing on me, I would single handily keep Luke’s Diner in business with the amount of coffee I drink.

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Is this unhealthy? Probably. Do I care? Absolutely Not.

So, if you enjoy the occasional Cuppa Joe or you are like Lorelai & myself, and need your coffee in an IV  –  I’ve got you covered. A friend and I hit the streets of the 6ix and put our coffee drinking skills to the test. Here are my favourite places in Toronto to grab a cup of coffee.


Our first stop was at a west-end staple – Sanremo Bakery. This bakery is located at 374 Royal York Road in Etobicoke. If you’ve never been to Sanremo, stop what you’re doing and go. This joint is huge and is always bumpin’. Whether you want coffee, pastries, desserts, lunch, bread, gelato or coffee – this place has you covered. We indulged in the Torrone and Bacia gelato and sipped on some dripped and iced coffees. Other than having to hover for a table, this placeis a 10/10.


I’m totally biased to this west-end joint, it is located just down the street from my old apartment, so I have frequented this place for two years. For all you Humber students who aren’t basic enough for Starbucks, go to Black Goat at 3261 Lakeshore Blvd West. Their coffee is life-changing, the food and baked goods are yummy and the decor is so cute. We had the medium roast coffee and the Vietnamese ice coffee and we’re really impressed. I am not a sweet drink person whatsoever (I drink my coffee’s black), but I LOVED the Vietnamese ice coffee – like a lot.


This adorable spot in the Distillery District is the Instagramer’s dream. Mismatched chairs, cute nooks, and windows – you’re bound to get a killer Insta here. Plus, the coffee is the If you’re in the area, definitely stop in for a coffee.


This Distillery District spot is your Luke’s Diner with a classy twist. The community style tables encourage you to chat with other guests, the lovely ladies who work the cash are charming and hilarious and their food is as good as the coffee. And for my cheese lovers, they have a small cheese counter with some delicious choices and stock shelves with an array of condiments, kitchen tools, and gadgets. It’s wildly delicious and wildly inviting.


If you haven’t heard of Balzac’s Coffee, I’m not exactly sure what you’re doing with your life. Balzac’s has locations throughout Southern Ontario, several of them residing in the downtown core of Toronto. Their coffee may honestly be the best I’ve ever had. Bible. It’s rich, flavourful and smooth at the same time. I highly, highly, highly recommend you find the closest Balzac’s and go…now, well I mean, after you finish reading this of course.


Lastly, residing in the luxurious Yorkville is Sorry Coffee Co. You’ve probably seen their cups plastered all over your Instagram explore page – white cups with the words Sorry written on the cup. The cups are cute and make a statement – and so does their coffee. If you’re treating yourself to some shopping, grab a cup of coffee to keep that energy up while you give your credit card a workout.

For all my Toronto babies, let me know your favourite spots to get coffee in the city so I can check them out.

Xo, BB


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