Stop Drinking Bad Wine

For anyone who knows me even slightly, you’ll know that I am absolutely, positively, without question, obsessed with wine. So obsessed that I wish Kaitlyn Bristowe would just tell me what wine she’s drinking on Off The Vine so I could recommend her something better, or commend her on her choice.

What kind of wino would I be if I didn’t share my favourite wines with you? I’m going to give you my top two wines for a red, a rose and a white, so that you can get wine drunk (the best drunk) and actually like the taste of what you’re drinking.



Are you even best friends if you don’t drink wine together?

Now, for some background. I didn’t like wine, let alone a red wine until I was at least 20. My mother got me hooked onto Italian Pinot Grigio and I never strayed far from that. Fast forward to 2017 and living with my best friend who LOVES her red wine.


She introduced me to Smoking Loon – a Cabernet Sauvignon from California. It’s a smoky (hence the Smoking) and oaky red, that is ridiculously smooth. If you want to start drinking reds, this is a good place to start.

Since then, I was introduced to a life changing red wine by an employee at the LCBO on Lakeshore and Brown’s Line – shout out to my homegirl Christina. I walked into this LCBO with the intention of trying a new Pinot Grigio and walked out with a bottle of red called Josh – another Cabernet Sauvignon from California. This is THE BEST RED WINE I HAVE EVER HAD. Don’t believe me? Ask every single person I’ve made try this wine. It’s amazing. My mom is not a red wine drinker and even she enjoyed every glass of this wine. It’s smooth, and delicious, and life-changing. If you haven’t had it, stop reading this and go to the LCBO now – it’s worth the 20 dollars.



When you ask for a glass of rose and she brings you a glass of white…

Rosé has become one of the trendiest wines of the year. Will you accept this rosé? Yes way, rosé! Stop and smell the rosé. You see where I’m going with this.


On my 23rd Birthday, I was gifted one of the fruitiest, crispest, smoothest rosé’s I’ve ever tried – Thank you, Joscelin, ya did good. Lola – a yummy, sparkling rosé from Ontario where the wine is as delicious as the bottle is cute (so very). I had a bad breakup with this wine during my birthday celebrations – again, Thanks, Josc, I owe you – but this wine and I have since reconciled our differences and it no longer reminds me of throwing up into bushes at a property in Newcastle.

My all time favourite rosé is a bottle called Whispering Angel – from Chateau D’esclans, a vintage winery in France. It took me over a year to finally find this bottle after reading raves reviews about it online. You could imagine my excitement after a year when my aunt called me to tell me she had found it and purchased at least five bottles of it for me. It’s been love ever since. It only comes out a few times a year, and in extremely small batches, so get your hands on it when you can. The bottle is almost 30 dollars, but trust me, it’s so worth it.



Bestie making another appearance. Wine making another appearance, too…. obviously.

This is where my love of wine began. A bottle of Pinot Grigio, at my house, in my hometown, with my mom. She has always been a Pinot Grigio kind of girl, so it was no surprise when I followed suit. One of our favourite bottles to this day is Voga – a Pinot Grigio from Italy. It comes in a tubular bottle and honestly could very easily be mistaken for VOSS water. This wine is light, crisp and dry, but oh-so-refreshing.


The second favourite Pinto Grigio was also introduced to me by Momma Guertin, and this was the first vintage wine I had ever tried. The bottle of Pinot Grigio from Trentino, Italy called Santa Margherita, is still one of my favourites to this day. It is dry, not too sweet, but again, oh-so-smooth and for a vintage, it’s pretty reasonably priced around $17.




If you are new to wine, grab any one of these bottles, grab your girlfriends, and have a wild-wine-night-in, and if you’re a wine-vet like myself, let me know what your favourite bottle is so I can try something new.



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