Holiday Gift Guide

We have officially made it to December, which means the holidays are here in full force. Holiday shopping doesn’t come easy to all of us, myself included. We all put so much pressure on ourselves to give the perfect gift to the people we care about the most. So I figured I would try to inspire you with some gift idea’s for this holiday season.


A fragrance is always a safe gift purchase for both men and women. If someone you know has a signature scent, they will always appreciate being gifted this product to save them sephroa-perfume-sampler-sephora-favorites-with-free-full-size-voucher-see-more-gift-with-purchase-at-i-can-gwp-beauty-blogfrom having to repurchase. If the fragrance connoseuir in your life tends to wear different perfumes, they will love the chance to try a new scent.

If you’re purchasing this gift for someone and aren’t sure if they have a signature scent, or aren’t sure what kind of fragrance they like, you can’t go wrong with a sample pack that lets them try each fragrance and choose a full-sized bottle of their favourite – like this one from Sephora, or this one from Shoppers Drug Mart.


If you’re shopping for someone who has their own place, gifts that are intended for the home can be a great, practial idea. Candles are the best home-related gifts in my opinion.minicandleset It’s a simple, but thoughtful gift. This can be gifted to the candle lover in your life, or it can be a safe gift option for someone whose taste you haven’t quite figured out yet.

If you’re looking to splurge for a special candle-connesieur, try this create your own set from diptyque paris, or for a more affordable option, pick up this Blood Orange & Vetiver 3-wick from Paddywax.


We all know someone who eats, sleeps, breathes and lives sports. So what better gift than something to help them rep their team! If your sports fan isn’t able to always make it to their squads games due to money or distance, you can spoil them with tickets to a game! The excitement of this gift begins when they open it, and lasts until the day of the event. PLUS you can get yourself a ticket and enjoy the experience with them. You can purchase game tickets from the team website or usually from Ticketmaster.

If game tickets aren’t in the cards, you can always purchase some team swag for them like a hat, sweater or a jersey! Most professional teams sell their merchandise online which makes for a quick and easy purchase.


Do you know a serious foodie? Do you want to give them a gift that will play into their love of food? Look no further than some of 2016’s most popular cookbooks. A cookbook gives your foodie a chance to take their obsession to the next level and inspires them to start creating their own savoury sensations.

For the soul food lover, try Cravings by Chrisy Teigen. 

For the health conscious eater, try Thug Kitchen. (WARNING: the language in this book is not intended for the easily offended)

For the flavour fanatic, try The Flavour Bible to step up your flavour pairings.

If anyone is familiar with Lorelei and Rory from the television show Gilmore Girls, you know that those girls can eat. Chef Kristi Carlson has brought the food from the show to life in a unofficial cookbook titled, Eat Like a Gilmore. This would make a great gift for a foodie, or for anyone who is a huge fan of Gilmore Girls.


apple-watch-nike-plus-run-club-2Fitness is an increasingly trendy topic lately. More and more people are making an effort to bring fitness and health into their lifestyle. If you know anyone who is a fitness-fiend, there are a few gifts that will have them having them hoping on the New Year workout bandwagon, and staying on. One of the most popular, and luxurious gifts is an activity tracker wristband to help count steps and calories counted, along with much more. Check out this one by FitBit, or this one by Apple & Nike.

If your fitness guru likes to keep it stylish, check out this sleek gym bag from Lululemon.

I hope some of these products have helped to inspire your gift giving idea’s this holiday season!

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